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Finding Motivation!

Let's talk about Motivation.

The reality is that change is difficult ... it's likely you have been the way you currently are for a long time and your habits are deeply ingrained.

Today I read a Psychology Today article on Motivation ... what a fabulous read!

Some of the key nuggets I wanted to highlight about Motivation:

1) It is defined as "being able to pursue change in the face of obstacles, boredom, fatigue, stress, and the desire to do other things"

2) It is key to taking actions that move you toward your goal(s)

3) Every person is driven by different motivations. What are yours?

-- Internal vs. external & positive vs. negative

-- Internal-positive being ideal because the it is coming from a place of strength and security

4) If there is a disconnect between a persons efforts and their goals (i.e. a person wants to change, but efforts don't reflect that stated motivation)

There are two choices:

--A: lower your change goals to match your efforts

--B: raise your efforts to match your goals

5) The Grind is when actions necessary to produce meaningful change become stressful, tiring, and tedious AND it is what separates those who are able to change from those who are not.

-- Even when "it's not fun" ...keep taking the necessary steps because you'll feel great when your efforts result in the desired change

6) FINDING the motivation ( I recommend reading this part of the article!!!!) consists of the 3Ds




Consider the directions you can go to change your life -- choose a direction -- dedicate yourself & make it a priority to achieve your change goals!!!!

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