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15 Time Management Tips to Winning!

Too much to DO...and not enough TIME?

If you have goals you are serious about reaching, not only do you need to set goals smartly but you have to learn to avoid distractions and shuck off the bad habit. So what's the key to successfully achieving goals??

Time Management (TM) - a.k.a learning how to spend your time - is critical in achieving even mildly difficult goals!

These 15 Time Management Tips will surely aid you in achieving your goals this year.

1. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

2. Use the Quadrant TM system to prioritize activities (urgent, important, both, neither)

3. Audit your time for 7 days

4. Knock critical tasks out first

5. Identify 20 percent of the effort that produces 80 percent results

6. Instill keystone habits

7. Schedule email response times

8. Eliminate bad habits

9. Take frequent breaks when working

10. Meditate or exercise every morning

11. Make to-do lists in the evening for the next day

12. Find inspiration when you're feeling lackluster

13. Get a mentor who can guide you

14. Turn off social media app alerts

15. Declutter and organize

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